Giveaway: Harry Potter Solar Light *Ended*

Thank you SO much to everyone that has bidded, spread the word, or helped in any way to get these auctions up and running. I also want to thank all of the authors that have helped so far (whether their auction has gone live or not!)

In honor of all that help, I want to share various giveaways with you in between these fun auctions and today, I bring you an awesome giveaway from Amanda at BookLove101. She makes these fantastic metal flowers (some are even solar) and they feature various sports teams, books, and even just fun colors! You can check them out on her Etsy Site, Garden Dreams Decor. You are DEFINITELY going to want to read on!


Amanda created this Harry Potter SOLAR Light specifically for this giveaway, and I can’t thank her enough. You know you want to enter!

Open to: U.S. Only

Ends: Monday, August 29

You get 4 entries for following THIS blog to keep up to date. All other entries are 1 point each. None are mandatory, but I do recommend following Amanda somewhere so you can keep an eye out for her new products!

Enter away! 
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49 thoughts on “Giveaway: Harry Potter Solar Light *Ended*

  1. theresajs says:

    Which one don’t I like is the question!
    I’m partial to the sunflowers and then there’s the butterfly! Then I saw the “Grandma’s Favorites” which def made me think of my grandma and her love of flowers! Will def be getting one of them in the future!!!
    Amanda does an amazing job with her creations!


  2. Heather D says:

    I think everything in her shop is pretty. I really really like the one featured on this blog. The different colors are so pretty.


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