Auctions are Coming Back + New Charity

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been quiet on here for awhile. I decided to take a mini break before jumping back into the auctions. I hope you’re ready though! Auctions will be coming back in September, so if you aren’t already following, please do so!

Last time, I was having people donate to different charities (it changed every few months) but I’m going back to just one charity. Unless someone donating the book for auction wants money earned to go toward a specific charity, all auction money will benefit UNICEF. I think we can all agree that the world’s children need and deserve our help, so I hope these auctions can benefit in their own small way.

Please read the various tabs under my header if you want to know how to bid, how to donate a book for the auctions, or even learn more about what a marked up/annotated book is in the first place! Follow and be back in September!


Lauren Becker