How the Auctions Work

This is how the auctions will work:

  1. Each book will go up for a week. It will be based on EST because that is my time zone. All donations will be in U.S. dollars but you can still bid if you are international, unless otherwise noted on the auction page.
  2. Each auction will appear in its own blog post. The auctions will start at $10 because I want everyone’s donation of a marked up book to make some money. From there, you can bid in $1 increments. That means if someone comments $10, you can post next and say $11, but no less. You can, however, go higher. You can go from $10 to $15 if you want. It’s up to you!
  3. I will get in touch with whoever the highest bidder is once the auction has ended. They will have 48 hours to donate to the designated charity and send me a confirmation email. If they do not do so in this time frame, I’ll contact the second highest bidder.
  4. Once I have gotten confirmation, either I will mail the book to the winner, or the author will do so!


Every cent that is raised for these auctions will benefit UNICEF. I’m not earning money from the auctions. However, I will be taking ads/sponsored posts to help support shipping costs if you’re interested.